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Battery Recycling:

Alkaline Batteries
Absolyte Batteries
Lead Acid Batteries
Li-Ion Batteries
Lithium Batteries
NiCD (Wet) Batteries
NiCD (Dry) Batteries
NiMH Batteries
And Much Much More…

Electronics Recycling Services:

Cell Phones
Circuit Boards
Electronic Accessories
Hard Drives
LCD Monitors
And Much Much More…

Li-Ion Disposal

We can recycle almost all Battery and Electronic types! Contact us, and start making money today!

Metal Recycling Services:

We recycle a variety of metals, like utility meters (gas, electric, and water)! Contact us, and start saving money today!

Metal Recycling

Why Choose GlobalTech For Recycling:

Superior Customer Service:

We care about our customers and vendors, we wouldn’t be here without them! Have a question about a battery, just ask us!

Great Recycling Prices:

Because of our outstanding business relationships, we are able to provide our clients with superior Battery and Electronic’s pricing!

Environmentally Responsible Recycling:

GlobalTech is committed to a 100% NO LANDFILL policy and we are responsibly registered with the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), as a Large Quantity Universal Waste Handler.


We can pick-up your Battery and Electronic Waste anywhere in the U.S.! Contact Us to schedule a pick-up!

GlobalTech Customer service

How to Ship Batteries:

GlobalTech has put together helpful battery scrap shipping instructions to make it easier for you to ship your hazardous and non HAZMAT batteries for recycling: Please click on the following links to understand how to safely package, store, and ship your batteries:

Alkaline Batteries
Lead Acid Batteries
Lithium, Lithium Ion, Lithium Primary, Lithium Polymer Batteries
Ni-Cd Batteries
Nickel-metal Hydride (NiMH) Batteries
Wet-Ni-Cd Batteries

Recycle batteries

Call Today, and experience how we can help manage your waste stream…1-800-770-2330.

Request Price Sheet
Request a Battery Recycling Price Sheet and/or an Electronic Recycling Price Sheet!  We have excellent prices!


HAZMAT Shipping Info:
Click here to find detailed information on shipping batteries, for recycling, to GlobalTech Environmental!


Asset Management
Let Globaltech Environmental help manage your used, discontinued and/or obsolete batteries and electronics for recycling!


Madison Battery Recycling




St Louis Battery Recycling

We can Pick-up: Anywhere…Anytime!

Schedule a pick-up  of your battery scrap

Service Area In Orange:

Battery Recycling Indianapolis

U.S. EPA Registered… 100% No Landfill!

No Landfill battery recycling

We can manage your battery waste

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