Li-ion Battery & Lithium Ion Recycling

Li-Ion Battery Recycling

GlobalTech buys Li-ion batteries to help keep them out of refineries by finding ways to re-use  batteries that still have life left.  We also have many options to actually refine the battery to get cobalt and other precious metals out. A Lithium-Ion battery (sometimes called Li-ion battery or LIB) is a common battery used in consumer electronics such as laptops, cell phones and other electronic devices.

NiMH Nickel Metal Hydride Recycling

NiMH Battery Recycling

Nickel metal hydride batteries (sometimes called NiMH or Ni–MH) are a type of rechargeable battery. We have access to one of the world’s best refining facilities to safely recover the nickel. The price we pay for this material is a reflection of just how good this process is.

NiCD Recycling Solutions

Ni-Cd Battery Recycling:

A nickel-metal cadmium battery (sometimes called NiCD, Ni-Cad or Ni–Cd) is a type of rechargeable battery. NiCD batteries are losing their popularity but are still used in a lot of cordless tools as well as various wireless electronics.

NiCD Nickel Cadmium Recycling

Wet NiCD Battery Recycling

Also called industrial alkaline or wet Industrial batteries, these ventilated wet cell and valve regulated Ni-Cd batteries are used in reserve power applications like emergency lighting, standby power and UPS.

How To Ship & Recycle Batteries

Aviation Aircraft Battery Recycling

Aircraft batteries serve to start the engines on airplanes. They are usually in a steel case to protect the battery.

Electronic Scrap Recycling & Waste Disposal

LiFePO4 Battery Recycling

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), also known as LFP, is a compound used in lithium iron phosphate batteries (related to Li-Ion batteries). It is targeted for use in power tools and electric vehicles.

Electronics Recycling Solutions

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead-acid batteries come in many shapes and sizes. They are mostly used when surge current is not important. Large-format lead-acid designs are widely used for storage in backup power supplies in cell phone towers. Other applications include forklifts, automobiles, and marine electronics.

Electronics & Lithium Ion Recycling

Absolyte Battery Recycling

This is a lead-acid battery that is a single cell, valve regulated (VRLA), maintenance-free (no topping-up), special high current performance battery. Lead-acid batteries are used in the telecommunications field. Despite myths within the industry, this type of battery is highly recyclable.

NiCD & NiMH Recycling

Alkaline Battery Recycling

Alkaline batteries are the most common household batteries — widely used in household electronics such as children’s toys, remotes, and flashlights. Because of the chemistry in alkaline, there is little to no monetary value, so there’s generally a charge to recycle this type of battery.

Sell Used & Buying Scrap Batteries

Lithium Battery Recycling

Sometimes referred to as lithium primary and lithium button cells, a button cell battery or watch battery is a small single cell battery shaped as a squat cylinder. Most button cells contain mercury or cadmium, which poses a health risk.

Electronic Waste Disposal & Scrap Recycling

LiMnO2 Battery Recycling

Also called lithium manganese dioxide, this is a lightweight battery typically seen in defibrillators, cameras and other similar applications. This battery self-discharges over time.

Whether your batteries are spent, obsolete, used, expired, or discontinued, turn to us for all your battery recycling solutions.  We can help manage your battery and electronic waste disposal.

For more information on how to package, store, and ship your batteries, contact us or call 1-800-770-2330.

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