Can GlobalTech pick up our battery recycling and electronic waste disposal?
Yes, in most circumstances we are able to help arrange shipping of your material anywhere in the U.S. and worldwide. 

Is GlobalTech Environmental qualified to receive hazardous material?
Yes, GlobalTech is registered with the United States EPA as a Large Quantity Universal Waste Handler. Additionally, all of our transporters are licensed to carry hazardous waste in a safe manner within the United States, per OECD country and Basel Convention requirements. We also provide domestic shipments, with a hazardous waste expert available on-call 24/7, if an accident should occur. We just ask that all material be packaged properly to U.S. DOT specs, whether you’re sending the material to us or we’re picking it up.

Does GlobalTech recycle tube television sets and CRT monitors?
No, GlobalTech does not recycle tube television sets or CRT monitors. We do, however, provide electronics recycling and electronic waste disposal for LCD Televisions and LCD monitors.

Can GlobalTech Environmental provide a Certificate of Waste Management?
Yes, GlobalTech can provide a Certificate of Waste Management. Let your recycling agent know and we will be happy to provide a receipt of received materials that will be managed for re-use and or recycling through GlobalTech Environmental Corp.

Does GlobalTech have a minimum weight requirement for battery or electronics recycling
Yes, if GlobalTech Environmental picks up the material at your site, we will assign a weight minimum based on your location and the material you have to recycle. It is a case-by-case basis  with many factors involved. We’re known for going above and beyond for our clients — you can discuss your specific needs with our recycling specialists.

How do we package electronic scrap and other material for transportation?
Please refer to our How To Ship Batteries page for more information on shipping batteries over the road domestically (USA) or internationally.


Does GlobalTech carry the necessary Insurance?
Yes, GlobalTech Environmental has all the necessary insurance in place. We’re happy to provide a declaration page if needed.

More Questions?

Call us at 1-800-770-2330 or contact us today for more information about our battery and electronics recycling — or to schedule a pick-up!

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