At GlobalTech, we’re committed to providing the best customer service — along with the BEST PRICES — for your Li-Ion battery recycling. Here’s some basic information on how we can  manage your lithium ion recycling needs.  Contact Us or call 1-800-770-2330 for more information and prices!

Lithium Ion waste recycling

Li-Ion Battery Waste Re-use

Reusing Lithium Ion Batteries
Because of the popularity of Li-Ion batteries, there are a multitude of options for re-use.  Batteries intended for re-use are tested and resold at a fraction of the original cost. 

Testing can include:

*Visual Inspection of lithium ion batteries for obvious defects.
*Mechanical Inspection for bloating of the battery. Bloated Li-ion batteries, typically cannot be reused.
*Diagnostic Testing (using high priced electronic tests) to determine amount of use.

Recycling Lithium Ion Batteries

GlobalTech will pursue the re-use option for Li-ion battery waste unless otherwise directed by a client. Some clients prefer that their batteries be recycled for reclamation of raw materials. GlobalTech will handle that specified scrap material in order to reclaim the metals located within the batteries. Typically, this reclamation process is less valuable than the re-use option. Additionally, reclamation can have negative impacts on the environment, but it is obviously better than landfill disposal.  GlobalTech is proud to be 100% committed to a no-landfill policy!

Lithium Ion & Electronics Recycling

Shipping Lithium Ion Batteries

Contact us to learn more about how to package, store, and ship Li-ion battery waste!

How To Ship & Recycle Batteries

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