At GlobalTech, we’re committed to providing the best customer service — along with the BEST PRICES — for your NiMH battery recycling scrap.  Here’s some basic information on how we can manage your nickel metal hydride battery scrap recycling needs.  Contact us or call 1-800-770-2330 for more information and prices!

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We Buy NiMH Battery Recycling Waste


NiMH Battery Recycling — at Great Prices

GlobalTech’s NiMH battery recycling prices are based on the monthly nickel raw material price. GlobalTech has negotiated with some of the world’s best nickel metal hydride recycling refineries to get the best price — for us and for our clients. This is how we’re able to offer superior pricing when buying scrap batteries — and it’s a testament to how we are committed to passing on our savings to our clients.


Refining NiMH Battery Scrap — The Process

GlobalTech refines all of the NiMH battery scrap we recycle. The process varies slightly from refiner to refiner, but ultimately involves the recovery of nickel from the NiMH recycling scrap. The prices that we pay are determined by the percentage actually recovered from the NiMH battery scrap, along with the monthly average price of nickel as a raw material.

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Want to know more? Click HERE, for more detailed information and a flow chart showing the NiMH battery recycling and refining process.

How to Ship NiMH Batteries

Storing: Under most scenarios, a Universal Waste label should be applied to the outside of the  package used to contain the NiMH battery scrap.

Shipping: Nickel metal battery scrap is NOT considered HAZMAT (Hazardous Material).

Packaging:  We can help you prepare your package for shipping.

Click here for more detailed information on how to store, package and ship NiMH batteries.

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