Our battery recycling starts with the safe, environmentally friendly handling and packaging of battery scrap.  Click on your battery-type for detailed guidelines on how to ship specific batteries.

Lithium-Ion Recycling

Alkaline Batteries

Lead Acid Batteries

Li-Ion, Lithium Ion, Lithium Primary, Lithium Polymer Batteries

NiCD Batteries

Wet-NiCD Batteries

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The Customer and/or Vendor shall be responsible for complying with all DOT (Department of Transportation) regulations, including, without limitation to Title 49, and any other federal, state and local laws and regulations relating to the transportation of the batteries. Title 49 is a code that regards the role of transportation in the United States of America. Because of the complexity of Title 49, we have generalized the battery portion of the code that best suits our current vendors and customers. All information contained in this website, regarding Title 49 shipping standards, is a generalization of said code. We have summarized Title 49 in order to answer general questions concerning your transfer of recycled batteries from one location to another, over the road. Please see, http://www.ecfr.gov/ for the current written version of Title 49 if you need additional assistance, or if you prefer to read the code in its exact form.

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